Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Cabot & Sons Funeral Home is proud to serve families in the Greater Southern California Area. We are the market leader for funeral and cremation services, and we want to support you as your family goes through one of the most difficult times.

Cabot & Sons has been serving families in Pasadena and the surrounding areas throughout Southern California for 103 years. We continue to be family owned and operated, and our family and staff have learned to provide the experienced personal service and professionalism that one should expect during such difficult and emotional times.

Whether our services involve an immediate cremation or a full traditional funeral service we pride ourselves on being caring, honest, and supportive all the way through. We understand that this industry is very unique and personal, and it should be treated as such.

Unfortunately now most funeral homes are owned and operated by multi-million dollar corporate entities who have established a corporate structure and whose employees are not allowed to deviate from the ‘operations manual’. This is an unfortunate trend that will continue to affect the ‘service’ nature of the funeral service business. Be assured, here at Cabot & Sons we will be responsible and accountable because we truly do care about assisting families through this process.

Family Owned vs. Chains

What's the difference?

Is there any difference between a family-owned funeral home and a funeral home that is part of a corporate-owned chain?

Over the past several years, large multi-national organizations have been purchasing funeral homes at an alarming rate. The early nineties saw hundreds of family operated funeral homes across North America brought into the fold of large multi-national firms. Recent media reports such as 60 Minutes, Time, and US News and World Report conclude that these death care business operations, while trying to maintain the facade of a family operation, quickly increase prices considerably and enforce merchandising policies on employees geared to significantly increase their bottom lines.

Who owns Cabot & Sons?

Is Cabot & Sons Funeral Home independently owned or is it operated by a large chain or corporation?

The Cabot & Sons Funeral Home has been independently owned & exclusively operated by the Cabot family for 97 years.

What is the right choice?

Why are family owned funeral homes the right choice?

Cabot & Sons Funeral Home is family owned and has a single focus; providing the best quality service and value to our families. We are not governed by corporate mandates or driven to increase profits. We know that our success depends upon how we treat each and every family we serve. It is our goal at Cabot & Sons Funeral Home not only to satisfy your needs but to exceed your expectations.


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